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Faith, Katie-Ann & Lexie

So I was given the opportunity to bring out my enchanted forest for one final time (for 2016) this afternoon as it was especially requested by three lovely fairies. Faith, Katie-Ann and Lexie brought their mam and gran along for their sparkly shoot dressed in the most beautiful dresses. And they made me laugh from start to finish 🙂 Nine year old Faith was the quietest of the three sisters and looked sooooo cute with her curls and glasses! Four year old Katie-Ann was an absolute sweetheart and was definitely the most natural in front of the camera. And last but not least, the baby of the group, three year old Lexie was the most feisty sister 😀 As soon as she set foot in the studio, she asked me to move out of her way so she could go and look at the rest of the house!! And she had me in stitches with her demands for the rest of the shoot! I really enjoyed working with this lovely bunch today 🙂

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