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Baby Oscar, 11 Months

It was my second nephew’s turn to smash up a cake this afternoon but it didn’t turn out how we’d expected….Eleven month old Oscar brought his lovely mam and big brother Alfie along for his birthday shoot (a month early as his baby cousin is due around his first birthday!) and it was a BIG challenge to get him to stay still long enough to be photographed! Oscar is a VERY busy baby who is into everything now and is most happiest when he’s crawling 🙂 We did manage to get some photos of him before he made a break for it though! And as he LOVES his food, we had very high hopes for the cake smash BUT he was not at all impressed by it! In fact, he couldn’t climb up me quick enough as he was nervous of the cake! His mam managed to persuade him to eat the sponge as he really didn’t like the buttercream, so at least we got some smashing shots 😀 What a turn up for the books! **cake courtesy of Cakes By Helzbach**

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